Shirley Carnegie, The Africa Series

Shirley Carnegie was born in the West Midlands, but lived most of her life in London. Her passion for Africa was inspired by her husband's experiences of a childhood spent in colonial Africa and war torn Rhodesia, and their travels across the country she grew to love as her own.

The Africa Series demonstrates Shirley's ability to transcend the limits of an individual literary genre and explore the world of storytelling in the widest possible sense.

Sons of Africa is a high action thriller set against the backdrop of the Zimbabwean Government's genocide of the 1980s. A Shadow Passing is an historical novel. It chronicles the war of independence that led to the formation of Zimbabwe. A Wedding in Africa will satisfy those readers who enjoy the twists and turns of a typical romantic novel.

Shirley and her husband, Andrew, now live in rural Shropshire where, alongside Shirley's career as a writer, they run a successful company specialising in plain English training and editing services.

Shirley Carnegie: Sons of Africa Shirley Carnegie: A Shadow Passing Shirley Carnegie: A Wedding in Africa

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